Monday, November 12, 2012

Weekend reprieve

My weekends usually consist of a bike ride, covering one of the umpteen festivals they have around here for work, church on Sunday, and a pity party or two because...well, isn't it obvious?

But...A few weekends ago I actually had a people packed weekend! It was just what I needed.

For months, literally months, I've been trying to get to one of the New England Food Truck Festivals that were going on all over the place. I was finally able to go and get some folks to come with at the very last one for the season in Newport. It wasn't as good as the food truck round up I went to in San Fran, but still.

We were only in Newport for like 3 minutes before my friend Kelly (right) got into character by tying her sweater around her neck. Very Newport.

The lines were wicked long so we didn't actually end up eating that much together. Oh well. Next time we get serious.

Apparently, food truck festivals are hazardous.
I almost ate here, but then I didn't. I love the name.
Not a butt shot, a boot shot. Tall boots were apparently on the dress code for the festival.
Had to go for the tacos! I told them that my name was November. "Is your name really November?" said the lady taking the orders. "No," I said. She didn't seem to mind.
I thought these girls looked cool. cider doughnut holes. Doesn't the black cuff make my hand look sort of beatnik?
After my day o' festivaling, I headed to Boston on the most perfect fall day to meet up with a friend from my China days who was in town for the Head of the Charles race.
Row, row, row
你好, Alissa! One of the most fun, genuine people I know. It was so great to see her, even if only for an evening.

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