Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The pre-autumn edits - Jackelope + Cranberries

I love autumn so much that I think I started to worship it a little bit, and I had to take a step back. I admit that I was inordinately saddened by the thought of losing all those beautiful yellow, orange, and red leaves to the brutal winds of Hurricane Sandy (although I seem to have taken several hundred photos of said leaves so...)

Sandy (why can't hurricanes be named Georgiana or Herbert?) swept by this little hamlet here and has come to be known as the "hurricane that wasn't" for which I'm very thankful considering how much destruction they projected and how terrible it is in NJ & NY.

Now for some photos, which are sort of pre-autumn and therefore not very relevant to the previous paragraphs.

 If you're my friend on Facebook, you've already seen this, but the proven existence of the jackelope is too amazing to not spread it to the world wide interwebs.

I got to go to a cranberry harvest (unfortunately didn't get to don any waders. Fingers crossed for next year!) Those floating berries are so pretty. I'm living the New England dream I tell you.

The bog owner who let me climb up onto the truck (even held my notebook for me!)

 I took so many pictures of this field trying to test different lighting effects so consider yourself spared with this one.

 I waited for a really long time, but Mr. Darcy never showed.

Cape Cod has a little bitty town called Wood's Hole where everyone either works for some oceanographic institute or NPR. I took a bike path from Falmouth to Wood's Hole (I'm going to name something Wood's Hole one day) on a very chilly and unfortunately grey (I like it better with the 'e' don't you?) day in September.


 When life gives you a grey day, make everything grey. Life will be all like, whhhaat?

 I'm a sucker for an overturned boat.

 Can you believe this beautiful bird was just right off the bike trail? I'm applying to the Audubon Society.
The open road. What is it about an empty road?

Queueing up more photos that are particularly autumnal.

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