Saturday, September 5, 2009

Compulsive Hobby of the Week: Apron (Part II)

I'm back. Jet lagged and unpacked. It took forever to get things situated. All the little things that are handy to have like Scotch tape, dental floss, and spare nails. If it actually made any difference to the future, I would vow never to move again, especially in China. On with the project.

So here is part two of my apron project. This one is actually modeled after this Anthropologie apron. Ze resemblance is striking, no? I made my own pattern, which could use a little improvement. It pokes out on the sides a bit, but otherwise I like it. It was my first attempt at piping, too, which I was quite proud of. See right:
I also made brown ruffles at the bottom that match the piping. I'm quite happy with the finished project, and I'm already missing my sewing machine. Sigh...another reason to miss America!

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