Friday, September 11, 2009

The Pigeon Stays in the Picture

I like birds, but I'm no great fan of pigeons. Still, when one appeared propped on my bathroom window adjacent to one of my roommates' windows at 11:00 p.m. Tuesday night, I felt no personal vendetta against the creature. I cannot say the same for my two roomies who thought it needed to be removed immediately from it's 31 floor perch by whatever means necessary. With vision of The Birds swirling in their heads, they attempted nudging it off the sill with an umbrella (ella ella eh eh eh), tossing cookies at it which it later ate, scarying it with their hideous screeching, and calling it names. I, of course, was morally opposed to the whole affair. Live and let fly, that's my motto.

The pigeon remained unmoved and both my roommate's window and my own were closed for the night just in case it attempted to retaliate or come inside for more cookies. The footage is a little dark, but it's the sounds you need anyway. (Fortunately, my roommates don't read the blog, so mum's the word.)

Making weird sounds at the bird and berating it.

The weirdest sound of all.

And weird sounds plus name calling.


Grace said...

too funny! who's your other roommie? what a waste of cookies!

Flynn said...

I'm afraid I can't name names. I don't want PETA to come track them down.

Mom said...

"The wierdest sound of all" is great. Between the laughing roomie & the "sound", I just started laughing, as I repeatedly pushed the play button. What ever happened to the pidgeon - Still there?

Flynn said...

It doesn't seem to have come back. Unless it waits until the lights go off and then stares at my roommate while she sleeps. Haha. Nobody mention that comment to her' she'll move into my room.