Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Photos: Nature and scenery

I lied...here are a few more photos from home, just not terribly sentimental ones. This is me experimenting with my new camera around town on what was an unusually cool Saturday morning for Mississippi. I was walking around some beautiful neighborhoods, and I think a few people thought I was casing the area. Oh my.

There's actually a bee in there.
Still life.
An avenue. Did you know that's what they're called? I love avenues. My favorite chateau in France has the most beautiful avenue of trees.
Live oaks on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Once I wrote about live oaks in a creative writing class and my teacher marked out live nt realizing that there is a difference. Live oaks are green year round as opposed to oaks that lose their leaves every autumn.

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Amanda said...

Can I just say I am grateful to have you as a friend!
You are talented in so many ways!!!
Thank you for being a blessing in my life:)